Two pictures sent in fron John Philips
A great picture of a range of aircraft on the Flightdeck of
HMS Indefatigable, November 1945.
Picture forwared by Philip Rowell  894,  1945 -1946.
Filghtdeck HMS Eagle 1956.
Merryfield 1956.
In reply to a query from Terry Stow, Philip Rowell replied as follows:

No Squadron insignia in my time (mostly we got through them too quickly to apply anything fancy!) but a large S, which also appeared at each end of the flight deck, and local (wing) number, which is just about discernible from my phot.  Note also BPF markings, unlike those used in European theatre, to avoid the red blob which could be too easily mistaken for the Jap marking.  Incidentally, first a/c in the range is S 141, Buster Hallet's machine which he had cleaned off and polished making it a few pounds lighter.  Its driver is alongside in flying gear.  Note also where leading aircraft was spotted on deck, thanks to 18lb boost.  The range, although post-war, is very similar to a normal  strike range, consisting of Seafire, followed by Firefly, with Avenger bringing up the rear.  They did look as though they were grateful for the full length of flight deck for take-off when fully loaded.

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