Post War History 1957-60:

894 Squadron reformed at Merryfield* as an all weather fighter Squadron in January 1957 equipped with Sea Venom FAW.22. From July 1957 to April 1959 the Squadron operated from HMS Eagle in home waters and Eastern Atlantic and spending much of 1958 in the Mediterranean; a large detachment deployed to the USA aboard HMS Victorious June to August 1959.  The Squadron transferred to HMS Albion for a Far East deployment in 1960, disbanding on return to the UK in December. * Merryfield was chosen, as the runways at Yeovilton were being rebuilt at that time.


15 Dec   First aircraft arrived from RNAS Stretton and taken on charge by Squadron advance                           party.

14 Jan    Squadron  formed at RNAS Merryfield, Somerset; equipped with 12 de Havilland Sea                          Venom FAW.22, complement of CO and 27 Officers, 27 Senior Rates and 89 Junior                           Rates; the last front line Squadron to form with Sea Venoms.

Feb-Jul   Squadron workup - day and night flying including Navex, intercepts, RP firing, banner                            attacks, straffing and MADDLS.

21-22 Mar     Aircrew escape and evasion exercise.

16-30 Apr      Squadron leave period.

25 May   Exercise Vigilant - UK air defense.

28 May   Move to RNAS Brawdy, Pembrokeshire Wales for armament training.

20 Jun    Return to Merryfield.

04-21 JulSquadron leave period.

30 Jul     Operational Readiness Inspection by Flag Officer Flying Training (Rear Admiral CLG                          Evans CBE DSO DSC)

05 Aug   Embarked HMS Eagle (Captain M Le Fanu DSC RN), with 803 (Sea Hawk), 806                                 (Sea Hawk), 813 (Wyvern), 814 (Gannet) and 849A (Skyraider) Squadrons.

Aug-SepWorkup in Moray Firth.

08-21 Aug     Embarked flying.

22-24 Aug     HMS Eagle at Rosyth

25-31 Aug     Embarked flying.

30 Aug-10 Sep          Detachment ashore at RNAS Lossiemouth, Morayshire.

01-10 Sep     HMS Eagle at Rosyth.

10-12 Sep     Embarked flying

13-17 Sep     HMS Eagle anchored at Greenock.

18-28 Sep     Exercise Strikeback, Norwegian Sea with HM Ships Ark Royal and Bulwark (Flag                              Officer Aircraft Carriers Vice Admiral ML Power CB CBE DSO).

30 Sep    Disembarked to Merryfield.

13 Oct     Embarked HMS Eagle.

19-26 Oct       Port visit to Vigo, Spain.

03 Nov    Disembarked to Merryfield.

14 Nov    Embarked HMS Eagle.

16-18 Nov      HMS Eagle at Rosyth.

18-22 Nov      Exercise Phoenix H with HM Ships Ark Royal and Bulwark.

23-27 Nov      HMS Eagle at Rosyth.

27 Nov    Disembarked to Merryfield.

18 Dec   Christmas leave


04 Jan    Return from leave.

17 Jan    Strikes against deploying Home Fleet in Channel.

20-22 Jan      MADDLS.

28 Jan    Embarked HMS Eagle for Mediterranean deployment, flying Flag of FOAC
                      (Vice Admiral ANC Bingley CB OBE).

31 Jan-3 Feb  At Gibraltar.

05-06 Feb     Combined Home Fleet (Mediterranean Fleet exercise in Western Med)

13-25 Feb     Detachment ashore RNAS Hal Far, Malta.

15 Feb   Captain JB Frewen in Command HMS Eagle.

03-06 Mar     Exercise Marjex, with units of Home Fleet, Mediterranean Fleet and US 6th Fleet.

08-13 Mar     Detachment ashore at Hyeres, France.

14-20 Mar     Port visit to Toulon, France.

25-28 Mar     Exercise Dawn Breeze, Eastern Atlantic.

31 Mar   Disembarked to RNAS Yeovilton, Somerset.

02-16 Apr      Squadron leave period.

20 May   Embarked HMS Eagle with 806 (Sea Hawk), 814 (Gannet), 831 B (Sea Venom) and                          898 (Sea Hawk) Sqdns for Mediterranean deployment.

24-26 May     HMS Eagle anchored at Gibraltar.

30 May-5 JunPort visit to Barcelona, Spain, at anchor.

10-12 Jun      4 aircraft detachment ashore at RAF Akrotri, Cyprus; ship anchored Akrotri Bay.

14-18 Jun      Anchored Akroti Bay.

24-27 Jun      7 aircraft grounded with wing fold cracking.

27-30 Jun      Anchored Akrotri Bay.

04 Jul     Squadron disembarked to Hal-Far; HMS Eagle at Malta.

16 Jul     Embarked HMS Eagle.

18 Jul-21 Aug Operating off Cyprus, providing top cover for airlift Cyprus to Jordan during                                   period of Middle East tension.

16-18 JulAnchored off Famagusta, Cyprus.

24-30 JulAnchored off Famagusta.

01 Aug    6 aircraft night Glowworm and 2'RP attack on wake of USS McGowan, misidentified                            as HMS Bermuda splash target

06-11 Aug     Anchored off Famagusta.

20 Aug   Cross operations with USS Saratoga.

23 Aug-9 Sep6 aircraft detachment disembarked to Hal-Far; ship at Malta.

11 -30 Sep    Operating off Cyprus.

14-16 Sep     Anchored off  Famagusta.

20-24 Sep     Anchored off  Famagusta.

02-14 Oct      4 aircraft detachment ashore at Hal-Far.

03-14 Oct      HMS Eagle at Malta.

16 Oct    Pass through Dardanelles.

17-23 Oct      Port visit to Istanbul, Turkey.

31 Oct    Squadron disembarked to Hal-Far.

03-14 Nov     HMS Eagle in dry dock, Gibraltar Dockyard.

20 Nov   Embarked HMS Eagle

29 Nov   Anchored at Gibraltar.

02 Dec   Disembarked, aircraft diverted to Culdrose by weather.

03 Dec   Aircraft to Yeovilton.

19 Dec   Christmas leave.


05 Jan    Return from leave.

14 Jan    Embarked HMS Eagle for Mediterranean deployment, flying Flag of FOAC (Rear                                 Admiral CLG Evans CB CBE DSO DSC); with 802 (Sea Hawk), 806 (Sea Hawk) and                        814 (Avenger) Squadrons.

18-1 9 Jan     Anchored Gibraltar Bay.

24-26 Jan      Anchored Marsaxlokk Bay, Malta.

29 Jan-3 FebPort visit to Naples, Italy.

06-20 Feb     6 aircraft detachment ashore at Hal-Far.

02-15 Mar     At Gibraltar.

13-16 Mar     10 aircraft detachment to HMS Victorious, transferred by lighter.

17-21 Mar     Exercise Dawn Breeze IV, Eastern Atlantic with HM Ships Centaur and Victorious.

23 Mar-13 AprHMS Eagle at Plymouth, catapults unserviceable.

26 Mar-6 Apr  Squadron leave period.

15-21 Apr      Port visit to Brest, France.

23 Mar    Reduce to 10 aircraft.

29 Apr    Royal Visit to HMS Eagle - HM Queen Elizabeth II; Squadron later disembarked to                        Yeovilton.

03-13 May     Squadron leave period.

06 Jun     6 aircraft detach to Lossiemouth for day.

09 Jun     Detachment embarked in HMS Victorious (Captain CP Coke DSO RN), with 803                                (Scimitar), 849B (Skyraider) and 893 (Sea Venom) Squadrons.

10-12 Jun.      Exercise FairMind, North Sea and Moray Firth.

11 Jun     Cross ops with HrMs Karel Doorman.

13-15 Jun       HMS Victorious port visit to Aarhus, Denmark.

17-20 Jun       HMS Victorious port visit to Oslo, Norway.

22 Jun     Detachment from HMS Victorious.

30 Jun     6 aircraft detachment embarks HMS Victorious for Western Atlantic deployment.

07 Jul      ADEX with US NAS Oceana, VA.

10-14 JulPort visit to Norfolk, VA (first return since Squadron departed 8 Dec 1942).

15 Jul      Cross operations with US Ships Essex and Saratoga.

16-20 JulExercise Riptide with US Ships Essex, Saratoga and Wasp,

21-22 JulAnchored Hampton Roads, VA.

22 Jul      3 aircraft detached to Oceana for the day.

24-29 JulPort visit to Boston, MS.

30 Jul-3 Aug Port visit to New York, NY.

31 Jul-1 7 Aug     Yeovilton party leave period.

09 Aug   Detachment returns from HMS Victorious.

11-28 Aug     HMS Victorious party leave period.

18 Sep   Squadron move to RNAS Brawdy for weapon training.

02 Oct    Return to Yeovilton.

07 & 8 Oct     8 aircraft detached to Culdrose to exercise with 849D Flight.

13-16 Oct      Exercise Red Banner, Army co-operation exercise Salisbury Plain.

19-23 Oct      Deck Landing Practice, HMS Victorious.

26 Nov-10 Dec  Aircraft grounded: Wing-fold hinge-pins cracking.

18 Dec   Christmas leave


04 Jan    Return from leave.

14 Jan    Operational Readiness Inspection postponed (airfield Black - ice).

19-20 Jan      Deck Landing Practice, HMS Victorious.

21-22 Jan      ORI postponed (airfield Red-fog).

26-27 Jan      ORI by Flag Officer Flying Training (Rear Admiral DRF Campbell DSC).

03 Feb    Embarkation postponed (rough weather in Channel).

05 Feb           Embarked HMS Albion ', Captain FMA Torrens Spence DSO DSC AFC RN), with                               815 (Whirlwnd), 806 (Sea Hawk) and 849D (Skyraider) Squadrons, for Far East                                 deployment.

10 Feb    Gibraltar.

Feb-Mar         Workup off Malta.

10 Feb    Reduce to 10 aircraft.

13-15 Feb     Anchor Marsaxlokk Bay, Malta

16-18 Feb     4 aircraft detachment ashore at Hal-Far.

19-23 Feb     Port visit to Messina, Sicily.

04-07 Mar     Grand Harbour, Malta.

07-09 Mar     Exercise Marjex.

11 Mar   Squadron disembark to Hal-Far.

27-29 Feb     Anchor Marsaxlokk Bay.

21 Mar   Embark HMS Albion.

23-24 Mar     Exercise Starlight, Army support, Tunisia.

25 Mar   HMS Albion Operational Readiness Inspection by FOAC (Rear Admiral CLG Evans                           CB CBE DSO DSC).

26-29 Mar     Port visit Pireaus, Athens, Greece.

26 Mar   Royal Visit to HMS Albion - HM King Paul of the Hellenes.

31 Mar  Arrive Port Said, Egypt.

01 Apr   Passage through Suez Canal to Red Sea, to relieve HMS Centaur as Far East Station                       Carrier; ship ran aground in canal and damaged hull.

04 Apr    At Aden.

12 Apr    Disembarked to RAF Seletar, Singapore.

13-26 Apr      HMS Albion into dry dock Singapore dockyard.

29 Apr    Embarked H.MS Albion.

04-06 May     Operational visit to Manilla, Philippines.

07-11 May     SEATO Exercise Sealion, with USS Yorktown, HMAS Melbourne and US forces off                           Philippines.

13-17 May     At Singapore.

21-26 May     At Hong Kong.

27 May   Pass through Formosa Strait.

30 May-3 JunOperational visit to Inchon, South Korea.

06 Jun    Shimonoseki Strait to Inland Sea.

09-13 Jun      Port visit to Yokohama, Japan.

13-25 Jun      HMS Albion ship self maintenance period at US base, Yokosuka, Japan.

27 Jun    Exercise with USS Yorktown.

28-29 Jun      Air defence exercise with USMC Okinawa.

01-8 Jul  4 aircraft detachment ashore at RAF Kai Tak, Hong Kong.

02-08 JulShip at Hong Kong.

08 Jul      Exercise Blue Lamp FAC and Army co-operation Hong Kong.

12 Jul      Squadron disembark to Seletar.

27 Jul      ADEX with RAAF Butterworth, Malaya.

13-29 JulHMS Albion dockyard assisted maintenance period at Singapore.

29 Jul      Embark HMS Albion.

02-12 Aug     Fleet Operational Training Exercise (FOTX).

05-9 AugAnchored off Pulan Tioman, Malaya.

08-12 Aug     HMS Eagle flying Flag of F02 Far East Fleet (Rear Admiral M LeFanu CB DSC).

12-16 Aug     At Singapore.

23 Aug   Shadowing exercise off Hong Kong.

23 Aug-2 SepShip at Hong Kong. 8 aircraft detachment ashore at Kai Tak.

07-12 SepPort visit to Subic Say, Philippines.

13 Sep   Exercise with USS Hancock.

16 Sep   Disembarked to RAAF Butterworth.

16 Sep-3 Oct         HMS Albion self maintenance period at Singapore.

30 Sep  Squadron move to Seletar Singapore.

03 Oct    Embarked HMS Albion; 11 aircraft, including FIR.

09-18 Oct      Port visit to Trincomolee, Ceylon.

22 Oct    Exercise with Indian Air Force.

24-28 Oct      At Karachi, West Pakistan.

28 Oct    Cross deck operations with USS Essex.

29 Oct    ADEX with Pakistani Air Force.

02-07 Nov,    CENTO Exercise Midlink III  including USS Essex and Pakistani Air Force.

07-10 Nov     Port visit to Karachi.

16-26 Nov     HMS Albion port visit and self maintenance period, Mombasa, Kenya.

17-19 Nov      Squadron expedition to  Mount Kilimanjaro.

30 Nov-2 Dec     At Aden.

06 Dec   Arrive Port Tewfik, Suez; relieved by HMS Hermes as Far East Station Carrier

07 Dec   Passage through Suez Canal to Mediterranean.

08-10 Dec     Exercise Decex in Central Mediterranean with HM Ships Ark Royal and Victorious.

13 Dec   Pass through Straits of Gibraltar

14 Dec  Squadron officially disbanded, the last operational Sea Venom Squadron to                             operate from an Aircraft Carrier.

15 Dec   End of HMS Albion's last commission as a fixed wing Carrier; aircraft disembarked to                        Yeovilton, Squadron personnel dispersed to leave and draft to new units.