USS Wolverine: X164: Paddle Steam Boat fitted with Flight Deck, operated by USN as Training Carrier on Lake Michigan in autumn of 1942, ice-bound over winter 1942-3 and little used thereafter; 894 Sqdn was only RN unit to use Wolverine for DLP.

HMS Battler DI 8: Attacker-class Escort Carrier 10200 tons standard, 15400 tons full load.  Built Pascagoula, Mississippi, laid down as merchant ship, launched April 1942, converted as AVG-6; transferred to RN on completion 31 Oct 1942; war service Atlantic 1943-5, Mediterranean 1943, East Indies 1945; returned to USN 12 Feb 1946 and scrapped at Baltimore, Maryland.

HMS Illustrious 87: Illustrious-class Fleet Aircraft Carrier, 23200 tons standard, 28600 tons full load.  Built Barrow-in-Furness 1937-40, commissioned 16 Apr 1940; war service Mediterranean 1940-3, Indian Ocean 1942, East Indies 1944-5, Pacific 1945, post war service as trials and training Carrier; broken up at Faslane from Nov 1956.

HMS Unicorn 172: Maintenance Carrier (modified Colossus-class Light Fleet Carrier) 14750 tons standard, 20300 tons full load.  Built Belfast 1939-43, commissioned 12 Mar 1943; operational 1943 then reverted to designed supply and repair role; war service Atlantic and Mediterranean 1943, East Inches 1944-5, Pacific 1945, Korea 1950-3; sold to scrap 1959, stripped at Dalmuir, hull broken up at Troon from Mar 1960.

HMS Indefatigable 10: Implacable (modified Illustrious)-class Fleet Aircraft Carrier, 23450 tons standard, 321 00 tons full load.  Built Clydebank 1939-44, commissioned May 1944; war service Norway 1944, East Indies and Pacific 1945; reserve from 1946, sold to scrap, hull stripped at Dalmuir from Nov 1956, broken up at Troon.

HMS Implacable 86: Implacable (modified Illustrious)-class Fleet Aircraft Carrier, 23450 tons standard, 321 00 tons full load.  Built Clyde 1939-44, commissioned 28 Aug 1944; war service Norway 1944 and Pacific 1945; modenised 1951 but did not return to service, broken up at Inverkeithing from Nov 1955.



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NAS Norflok 1942
USNAB Pityilu, Manus
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